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5 Fun Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

5 fun and easy ways to wrap up the school year in your upper elementary classroom!
May has arrived, and if you teach in the South like me, you're in the home stretch! School will be out before we know it, so today, I wanted to share some ways that I like to celebrate the end of the year with my class.

5 Reminders for when Teaching Gets Tough

Teaching is a tough job, but it's worth it. Here are 5 reminders for the inevitable days when teaching gets tough.
Teaching is HARD. It's exhausting, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You care for your students like they are a part of your family (because in some ways they are). It's nearly impossible to "leave work at work." Regardless of how much we love teaching, everyone has a rough day here and there. Sometimes it's a rough week. Or month. Or year. So how do you keep going when the teaching gets tough?

Blueberry Buckle - Muffin in a Mug

This Blueberry Buckle Muffin in a Mug is the perfect one-serving breakfast for busy mornings!
I don't know about you, but I am always in a rush to get out of the door in the mornings. It seems like I never have time for a "real" breakfast. Plus, with just my son and I at home in the morning, it feels a little silly to cook breakfast for just me and a toddler who may or may not decide to eat what I make today. A muffin in a coffee mug is a great one-serving breakfast that I can whip up on busy mornings with ingredients I always have on hand in my pantry. (And this one is a winner with my son, too!)

Installing the RIGHT Pin It Button for your Blog

How to install the BEST Pin It button for your blogger blog | Chalk & Apples
If you're on Blogger, and you have a cute, custom Pin It button that perfectly matches your design, chances are, you're NOT using the best Pin It button for your blog! Whether you hired a designer or did it yourself, it's likely that in our quest for beautiful blogs, we (because I am guilty too!) chose form over function. Today, I'm here to show you how to fix that!

New Year, New Look, New Site!

Mobile Responsive Blog Designs by Chalk & Apples
There's something about the new year that always makes me long for a fresh start. This year, I took advantage of the motivation and finished a project I've been working on for a couple of months... A brand new blog design site and some exciting new packages for you! Don't you just love the clean, professional look? I know I do! And the mobile view is AMAZING! Just take a look at that iPhone screenshot!
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