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Put Google Forms to Work in Your Classroom

6 practical ways to use Google Forms in your classroom

Paperwork is so last year... This year, put Google Forms to work for you! Say goodbye to stacks of illegible, half-filled out, questionably stained papers, and make the switch to digital forms instead. You won't regret it! Today, I have some practical ideas for where you can replace your traditional paper forms and assignments with Google Forms to simplify your classroom and go paperless for some of the routine tasks we must all do.

4 Days of Summer Savings with #partyintheusatpt!

Hi everyone! I am teaming up with some awesome teacher blogger friends and we are bringing you some Super Summer, Savings for the first four days of July! I'll have some of my best sellers and resources you need for Back to School next fall on sale at lower prices than ever!

'Must Try' Classroom Tech Tools: Kahoot!

Must Try Classroom Tech: Kahoot makes learning fun with engaging review games in a trivia-style atmosphere! A student favorite! | www.chalkandapples.com
Technology in the classroom is constantly evolving. There's always a new tech tool out there to explore in your classroom. One of my favorite finds this year is an incredibly fun site for reviewing content with your students... Kahoot!

I first learned about Kahoot last year, when my friend Juliet posted about it on Teaching Trio. Since we’re not a 1:1 school, I had kind of written it off as something that looks really cool, but just won’t work for my class. (I was SO wrong!)

5 Fun Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

5 fun and easy ways to wrap up the school year in your upper elementary classroom!
May has arrived, and if you teach in the South like me, you're in the home stretch! School will be out before we know it, so today, I wanted to share some ways that I like to celebrate the end of the year with my class.

5 Reminders for when Teaching Gets Tough

Teaching is a tough job, but it's worth it. Here are 5 reminders for the inevitable days when teaching gets tough.
Teaching is HARD. It's exhausting, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You care for your students like they are a part of your family (because in some ways they are). It's nearly impossible to "leave work at work." Regardless of how much we love teaching, everyone has a rough day here and there. Sometimes it's a rough week. Or month. Or year. So how do you keep going when the teaching gets tough?
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