Blog Design for a Teacher's Budget!

I believe... teachers should be able to have cute, custom blogs without breaking the bank. I strive to keep my pricing affordable for everyone!

I believe... you shouldn't have to pay extra for blog design must-haves, like social media icons and Pin it buttons. My custom design package includes everything you need for a professional, complete blog design. I also offer some add-ons to customize your look even further, but I promise, all the stuff you *need* is included. If you see a feature on one of my blogs (or somewhere else) that you'd like to have included, just ask!

I believe... your blog should reflect who you are, not who I am! I will work with you to create a custom design that's 100% you! My goal is that my work not be easy to recognize as my own because it so clearly reflects each individual blogger. 

I believe... your blog design should be well thought out and unique to you. For this reason, I only book about 4-5 designs per month. This way, I am able to give you the individual attention you need, and we can work closely together to achieve your perfect design!

*Please note that I only design Blogger blogs at this time.*

At this time my wait list is filled through the month of April, and I have had to close it temporarily. I will reopen the list soon with some exciting new design options, features, and packages!

Follow me on social media using the links at the top of the page to find out when I reopen the list and begin taking clients again. Thank you for your patience & understanding!


  1. How fun! Great job! Good luck with your new endeavor! =)

  2. Do you do wordpress or only blogger? Love your designs!

    1. Thank you, Janna! At this time, I only do blogger designs.


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