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Flexible Seating is not about yoga balls.

Flexible seating isn't about yoga balls... and other common flexible seating myths. Find out the truth about how flexible seating works in a real classroom.
Flexible seating is everywhere. And it seems like everyone has a really strong opinion. You either love it, you're thinking about it, or you're vehemently opposed. If you're on the fence, this post is for you! I'm tackling some myths and sharing some truths about flexible seating. 

5 Ways to Keep Reading Centers Running Smoothly

Proven ways to keep your reading centers running smoothly so that you can teach guided reading or small groups without interruptions!

Whether you do guided reading, literature circles, reading conferences, or some other small group model, one of the biggest struggles is managing the rest of the class during small group instruction. Well, struggle no more... today I'm sharing my top tips for smooth sailing during reading rotations!

How to Organize your Supplies with a Teacher Toolbox

Organize all your teacher desk supplies in a (new + improved) Teacher Toolbox! #teachertoolbox #teachertoolboxlabels #classroomorganization #teachertoolboxdiy

Teachers have about a million little supplies that we use daily. I don't know about you, but I always seemed to end up with at least one cluttered, unorganized desk drawer full of supplies. Pens. Stickers. Paper clips. White out. Extra staples. Post it notes. Tape. Binder clips... The list could go on and on. Whether you're thinking of ditching your teacher desk, or you're just trying to get organized, a teacher toolbox is the perfect answer! Today I'm sharing how to make a teacher toolbox that's durable enough to last.

Teach Your Students to Love Reading: 3 Better Ideas

I'm a reader. I've always been a reader. I used to read half a book in the middle of the night with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping. And guess what? There were NO incentives for me to read. NONE. No parties, no rewards, no prizes. You know what else there wasn't? There were no reading logs, no reading response homework, no parent signatures, no consequence for not reading. 

So why did I bother reading? Because I liked to. Because I was interested in the books I was reading. Because my teachers instilled a love of reading instead of a requirement of reading.

Since then, a lot has changed about how we handle independent reading at school. I wrote a post yesterday about 3 mistakes I made that made my students hate reading! Today, I want to talk about 3 better ideas I've tried that actually work... that make them want to read! 

How to Make Kids Hate Reading: 3 Mistakes I Made

Every teacher knows how important it is for students to read on their own... in a book of their choosing... outside the classroom. When it comes to encouraging students to read outside of the school day, I've made a lot of mistakes, y'all. A lot. And it broke my teacher heart to learn through anonymous Google surveys of my students that I was making them hate reading! Today I'm sharing my mistakes with you... Think of it as a step by step guide to what not to do!
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