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Five for Friday {8/30/13}

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday for the first time this week! If you want to join in, all you have to do is grab the button for your post, blog about 5 things from this week (anything goes!), and link up on her blog!
It's tough to believe it, but we're already 4 weeks into a new school year! After talking several times about how to set good goals for ourselves, this week my students set their goals for fifth grade. I was so impressed that they were able to use the guidelines I gave them to set SMART goals for themselves!
The adorable goal pennants came from Fifth in the Middle's TPT Store, if you want to grab a set for yourself. Today I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful parent come in to string them all on the ribbon and help hang them for me. I love this display!

Tuesday was NOT fun! We had an unannounced lockdown, which was really scary! Thankfully, it ended up being a false alarm, but we had zero info about why we were in lockdown until it was over, so it was a very long 20 minutes.

I know it's been blogged about before, but oh.em.gee I am in love with my new Frixion erasable pens! They write well, and they really do erase completely. I have a set of the marker pens on the way from Amazon. No more embarrassing mistakes scratched out on my graded papers! Fun fact- on the barrel of the highlighters, it says they erase by friction. Guess that's why they have that little rubber part instead of a normal eraser.

I did the Daily 5 shoes lesson this week for finding "good fit" books, and my kids loved it! You could see their little confused faces when I first started pulling out shoes..."um, Mrs. Doyle, we're supposed to be doing reading right now..."

Then there were all the "ohhh"s when I got to the part about how shoes are a lot like books, and we have to choose the ones that fit us and serve the right purpose. It was great! Plus, added bonus, I earned cool points for my motorcycle boots, and three of the girls want to borrow my wedding shoes!

On a personal note, I am one happy mama this week. My little guy (at 17 months) is finally calling me mama! After months and months of "dada," "bye bye," "please," and even "light" he has finally decided it's time to say "mama"!

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