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Makeover Madness (#TPTSellerChallenge)

Hi! I am linking up today with the ladies behind the #TPTSellerChallenge to share how I updated one of my old products this week!

My Math Playing Card Games sell pretty well, and they are great games, but I made them forever ago, and I have learned SO much about design since then! Check out this sadness...
I am so happy with the new updates... So much brighter and cleaner. Plus, I've gone from 13 games to 30!!

Some things I've learned since I started TPT...
1. Don't be afraid to use COLOR!!
2. Create in POWERPOINT! This poor product got some low ratings early on because I had used Excel (gasp!) for the fraction/decimal cards, and the formatting was off. This time, I remade them in PowerPoint, and it looks so much better!
3. Everything needs a makeover once in a while! Don't get so busy creating new things that you are embarrassed of your old ones. Take the time to update some old files. My new goal is to update one old file for every new one I post.

Check out my updated Math Playing Card Games HERE!
Learn about the #TPTSellerChallenge HERE!


  1. The update looks great! And so are your tips! I often go back and update old products because I end up learning new things all the time. I'm sure your students are going to love your newly improved set of activities! Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. Your tips are great! Color makes everything look nicer.
    Mrs. Tretbar's Library

  3. Your new look really draws you in to give it a proper look - great make over!