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Recent Blog Designs

Hey there! It's been way too long since I shared completed blog designs, but hey... it's the summer! I've been traveling and enjoying some family time, and while I've been doing lots of new designs, I haven't taken the time to sit down and share them with you. Here are some from the past month...

Debbi, from 3rd Grade Pad, wanted a bright and colorful look with touches of frogs, but not too "froggy!" Debbi and I emailed ideas back and forth constantly, and although she has said that she thinks she was a "pain in the rear," I actually love working with bloggers who have opinions and ideas to add to the design process! I  enjoyed getting to know Debbi, and even got to hang out with her at the Nashville Teacher Bash! (LOVE getting to meet the people behind the blogs I've designed!!)

Hope, from KinderDayz, had a very specific look in mind. In order to give her the look she wanted, but also something uniquely hers, I created elements similar to a blog she loved, but put a different spin on them.

Lidia, from The Reading Nook, had gotten custom graphics created for her blog. I took those graphics and transformed them into the blog she had envisioned. I love the light, but still bright, colors we used!

If you're interested in a custom blog design, don't wait to sign up! Spots are filling very quickly. I've been asked in the past why I don't do several designs per week like many other designers. I thought this was a good place to share my reasoning...

I only do four designs per month so that I can devote personal time and attention to every blog. I like to get to know each blogger so that I can create a blog that reflects them, and not me. This takes time and conversations. When I create your blog, we will email back and forth several times as I work on your design to be sure that everything is exactly how you want it, and perfectly YOU! I don't think a week's time is long enough to build that kind of relationship, so while some designs are completed in 2-3 weeks, I allow for up to a month to work on your design. This gives us plenty of time to create and revise the perfect blog that is uniquely yours!

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  1. Love seeing all you put together in just one little month! My blog makes me smile.