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Brand New Semi-Custom Designs

I'm so excited to share the first of many semi-custom designs with you! I have been working for a while on a faster, less expensive option, especially for newer bloggers or bloggers on a budget, and I am so excited to share some of the designs with you today!

I just finished the first three semi-custom blogs, and I love how they turned out! Here's a peek, but you can click on the blog names to see more.

As you can see, you can pack quite a bit of customization into a semi-custom blog, at a lower price point, and with a much faster turnaround than a custom design. (Although you might have noticed that chevrons and quatrefoils are VERY popular right now!)

I get asked frequently if I work with new bloggers, and the answer is absolutely, YES! I created the semi-custom design package with the brand new blogger in mind. This is a great package to get your blog up and running without the headache of trying to design it yourself, but without a long wait or a high price tag! I love working with brand new bloggers, and am happy to answer your questions throughout the design process. While you're here, be sure to check out my blog tutorials for lots of great tips for getting started on the right foot! 

If you're interested in a semi-custom design, head over to my blog design page to get all the details and sign up! You can always check for up-to-date wait times in the sidebar, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! I am here to make the design process a breeze for you!

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