Tech Tip: Removing the Black Background behind your Round Button

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  1. Such an easy fix! I hate that black box that always showed up :-) Lisa

  2. This is a good tutorial. One of the reasons many of us that work with graphics professionally don't use JPG's for anything but photos is that JPG's add on extra pixels giving a less crisp/often fuzzy appearance. I don't use JPG for anything unless I absolutely have to. You can also save the images as GIF (they do not leave the fuzzy extra pixels) and the result is the same.

    1. Hi! I primarily use PNGs in all of my professional design work for the same reasons. In this case, where the PNG file's transparency was the issue, JPGs are a great choice for adding the white background that is needed. Since the Inlinkz image is tiny, there should be no loss of resolution due to the JPG file compression. GIFs are another option, but because of color limitations, I tend to avoid them.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you so much, Kristen. I always love technology tutorials.


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