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Christmas around the World

I have had the pleasure of joining Sara at Kovescence of the Mind in a product swap this month. I was so excited to be paired up with Lisa from Mrs. Spangler in the Middle, and she sent me her Christmas Around the World Flipbook & Mini Writing Project.

I've always found that my students need something to do that will keep them engaged and working hard during the last week before winter break. Otherwise, I have a class full of overly excited fifth graders, who tend to get a little wild in anticipation of Christmas and the time off of school. This project was perfect for the last week!

Students start by researching the Christmas traditions in 5 countries: England, Holland, Italy, France, and Germany. I paired my students up for this part and let them share a laptop to do their research.

Once everyone finished researching, I had them choose their favorite country and put them into groups of four. Each student then takes one section of the research on that country and writes a paragraph about it.

All of the paragraphs for each country are then organized on a poster, and shared with the class. I chose to have my students do a gallery walk to see each others' posters. My class loved seeing how different countries celebrate Christmas!

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  1. How great! Not only does this help with research and writing, but it also opens up a new sense of cultural awareness.

  2. I always love having my class learn about other traditions, cultures, and countries! (And if it connects with writing and research, the better!) This looks wonderful; thanks!!

  3. Thanks for showcasing an educational activity to keep students learning up until Christmas break. Great ideas!

  4. Thank you, Kristen, for the great review! Your students' poster looked great! I hope they had fun! :)

  5. I always enjoy holidays around the world when I taught social studies. This would have been the perfect addition. Thank you for joining us.